NOC from Highway Authorities

Commercial centers, residential complexes, factories, etc. abutting to the road are coming under the jurisdiction of Public Works department. The proposals for approach road are required to send to PWD. On Scrutiny, if the proposals found suitable, the permission is granted by the Chief Engineer. After obtaining permission it is necessary to make agreement in the prescribed form. The required documents, conditions and general procedures are as follows:- canadianmedmart amoxicillin shelf life antibiotics.


1. How and where to apply?


If it is adjacent to National Highway- concerned Executive Engineer of National Highway Division. If it is adjacent to the State Highway /Major District Road/Other District Road/Village Road then - Executive Engineer Public Works Division/Zilla Parishad (Works) Division


2. Which documents are required with application?



(i) Application from Owner.


(ii) NOC for non agriculture of land (Copy of NA permission from Revenue   Department)


(iii) Plot ownership document.



(i) Index/Key plan.


(ii) Part of village map showing survey numbers in which private property located.


(iii) Layout plan/site plan showing details of construction, proposed approach road, C.D works. etc


(iv) Access plan showing the position proposed approach roads, exact chainage of proposed approach road, position of existing approaches on both sides of proposed approach road, land width , building line, control line, centre line of road, carriageway / formation width , C.D. works etc. shall be shown in different colours and distances on the plan.


(v) Cross-Section of approach road.


(vi) L/Section of arterial road for 300 meters on either side of proposed access.


(vii) Detailed plan of C.D. works and trap drain with cross section.


(viii) Existing access plan (Plate No. I)


(ix) Plan showing drainage arrangement at approach road.(Plate II, III, IV & V)


3. Who takes decision on the application?


(i) National Highway/State Highway/Major District Road.-

The Chief Engineer,
Public Works Region Ministry of transport
New Delhi.


(ii) Other District road/Village road. -

The Superintending Engineer,
Public Works Circle.

The booklet/enquiry is available in the Office of the Executive Engineer; Public Works Division/Zilla Parishad works division.