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Adverse Possession

Agricultural Land

Authorities Related to Development Control

Change in Rights Over Land

Construction of Water Course through Land Belonging to other Person

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Conversion Table

Definitions and Meanings

Development of the Land

Divisions of Maharashtra


Gaothan Expansion Scheme

Green Zone

Hair ship Cases Register


How to Search Ancestral Land


Investigation of Title


Land Record

Land Reform

Land Related Laws of Maharashtra

Land Revenue Administration

Laws Related to Environment

Laws Related to Sat Bara

Liability for Payment of Conversion Tax by Holder for Change of User of Land

NOC from Highway Authorities

Non Agricultural Land

Partition of the Land

Partition of Land Law and Rules

Power of Attorney

Presumption of Correctness of Entries in Record of Rights and Register of Mutations

Proposal for Approach Road

Record of Rights

Restrictions over Transfer of Land

Revenue Officers: Their Powers and Duties

Ribbon Development

Sale Permission

Sat Bara

Section 41

Section 44

Section148 to 151,154,156 and 157

Section 327

Settlement of the Terms (for sell of land)

The Bombay Prevention of the Fragmentation and Consolidation of Holding Act, 1947

The Environment (Protection) Act 1986

The Environment (Protection) Rules 1986

The Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers (Preparation and Maintenance) Rule 1971

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