Duties of Talathi

  1. With the commencement of the new revenue year on 1st Aug August, the Talathi shall open all registers to be maintained, page them and get them sealed and signed by the Tahsildar before 1st August by sending all such registers to the Tahsildar at least a fortnight in advance.
  2. The Talathi shall immediately after 1stAugust submit to the Tahsil all the information required for the compilation of the annual administration report, together with a statement of new hissas to be measured for being forwarded to The District Inspector of Land Records for arranging the measurement.
  3. The Talathi shall, side by side or soon thereafter, watch the character of the season and be ready to report distress that may be coming, by submitting weekly rainfall and crop position reports to the Tahsildar with copy to the Circle Inspector.
  4. The Talathi shall commence at the same time the Kharif crop tenancy and boundary and survey marks inspection and shall complete it t 15th of October.
  5. The Talathi shall thereafter commence and complete by 31st December the Rabi crop and tenancy and boundary and survey marks inspection.
  6. The Talathi shall assist the Circle Inspector in the preparation of annewaris of crops and performance of as many crops cutting experiments as may be required.
  7. By15th of December or earlier as crop position may warrant, the Talathi shall obtain Collector’s orders about the recovery of land revenue of the current year as also of the suspended land revenue of previous years. He shall give wide publicity to the Collector’s orders regarding suspension of land revenue and their recovery and remissions.
  8. By the end of December every year, .the Talathi shall bring Village Form VIII-A up-to-date and keep the demand part of Village Form VIII- ready to start land revenue recovery.
  9. The Talathi shall recover land revenue ordered on the dates prescribed by the Collector under the rules.
  10. The Talathi shall bear in mind that all the land revenue due for, recovery for the year, shall be recovered before 31st July of the year and no unauthorised arrears shall remain unrecovered.
  11. The Talathi shall issue a receipt for all moneys received by him on behalf of Government. For failure to give receipt the Talathi is liable to a fine not exceeding twice the amount received, vide section 77 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966. He shall maintain a register showing the account of receipt books with him.
  12. The Talathi shall maintain a cash book and exhibit in it all the moneys he receives, credits into the treasury within 15 days. He shall at no time hold as balance in hand an amount of more than Rs. 1,000.
  13. The Talathi shall report to the Tahsildar the progress of recovery of land revenue in the chalan under which he credits land revenue recovered in Government treasury.
  14. The Talathi shall submit to the Tahsildar all his revenue accounts for audit (Jamabandi) as soon as he recovers all the dues of the year. This shall include the submission of abstract of Village Form VIII-B which shall be submitted by 31st May.
  15. The Talathi shall prove to the satisfaction of the Tahsildar that the accounts maintained by him for the year are correct and in. agreement with the Taluka Accounts where necessary.
  16. The Talathi shall maintain all the revenue accounts and cash books, charge reports and other records, as prescribed under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code and Rules thereunder or any other law for the time being in force or by order of the State Government or as determined by the Collector subject to the general orders of the State Government and the Commissioner.
  17. The Talathi shall be responsible for the collection of arrears of land revenue and all amounts recoverable as arrears of land revenue and for the maintenance of record of rights and shall perform all such duties and functions as are provided for in the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code or rules thereunder or any law for the time being in force or by order of the State Government.
  18. The Talathi shall prepare, whenever called upon by any superior revenue or police officer of the taluka or district to do so, all writings connected
    Village Level Administration / 301 with the concerns of a village, which are required either for the use of the Central or State Government or the public, such as notices, reports of inquests and depositions and examinations in criminal matters.
  19. The Talathi shall pass on to the officer who has granted or is deemed to have granted non-agricultural permission within three days of receipt by him of the information under sub-section (4) of section 44 of the Code of the date of change of user.

a)     The Talathi shall endeavour to prevent the destruction or unauthorised alteration of the village boundary marks or survey marks.

b)    When, however, the Talathi notices the destruction or unauthorised alteration of the village boundary marks or survey marks, he shall immediately issue a notice to the landholder to restore or repair them according to rules in this behalf within a fortnight.

c)     If, in pursuance of the above notice, the landholder fails to restore or repair them, he should immediately report the matter to the Tahsildar, through his Circle Inspector.

d)    Thereupon, if the Circle Inspector fails to get them restored or repaired, within a further period of one week, the Tahsildar shall proceed to restore or repair them at Government cost and recover such cost as arrears of land revenue in addition to any penalty the landlord may be liable to under section 145 of the Code.

e)     If in restoring or repairing, one set of boundary marks is replaced by another set or sets, new and proper symbols representing boundary marks shall be shown on the village maps and the fact reported to the District Inspector of Land Records who shall take steps to amend the village maps in his record accordingly for facilitating further maintenance and repairs of boundary marks.

  1. The Talathi shall at once give a written acknowledgement of the receipt of oral or written report under section 149 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code of acquisition of rights to the person concerned.
  2. The Talathi shall immediately enter in a register of mutations every report so received by him
  3. The Talathi shall similarly enter in a register of mutations any intimation of acquisition or transfer by a registering officer under section 154 of the Code or by any Collector
  4. The Talathi shall, whenever he makes an entry in the register of mutations, at the same time post up a complete copy of the entry in a conspicuous place in the Chavdi and shall give written intimation to all persons appearing from record of rights or register of mutations to be interested in the mutations, and to any other person whom he has reason to believe to be interested therein. He shall also indicate in pencil the number of the mutation entry against the entry relating to that land appearing in the Record of Rights
  5. When any objection to any entry made in the register of mutations is made orally or in writing to the Talathi, he shall enter the particulars of the objection in the prescribed register of disputed cases. The Talathi shall at once give a written acknowledgement for the objection to the person making it in the prescribed form.

a)     After an entry in the register of mutations is certified by a revenue or survey officer not below the rank of an Aval Karkun or Circle Inspector competent to do so the Talathi shall record it in ink in the record of rights.

b)    If entry in the register of mutations is cancelled by the competent authority, the Talathi shall rub out the pencil entry made in the record of rights.


  1. The Talathi shall also correct the relevant village forms and their abstracts in accordance with a certified entry in the register of mutations. He shall likewise correct the village map, where necessary, in pencil, which after check shall be inked out by the Circle Inspector, if necessary.
  2. The Talathi shall at once give a written acknowledgement of information furnished of document produced in accordance with the requisition under sub-section (1) of section 151 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code to the person furnishing or producing the same and shall endorse on any such document a note under his signature stating the fact of the production and the date thereof and may return the same immediately after keeping a copy of it, if necessary.
  3. The Talathi shall prepare and maintain a record of rights in accordance with the Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers (Preparation and Maintenance) Rules, 1971 in this behalf.

a)     The Talathi shall on receipt of a written application by the holder of agricultural lands, including a tenant primarily liable to pay land revenue therefor, supply a booklet (Khate Pustika) containing a copy of the record of rights pertaining to such land.

b)    The Talathi shall show in this booklet information regarding the payment of land revenue in respect of the land and other Government dues by the holder or as the case may be, the tenant and also information as respects the cultivation of his land and the areas of crops sown in it as shown in the village accounts and such other information as has been prescribed, or may hereafter be prescribed.


c)     The Talathi shall prepare, issue and maintain this booklet in accordance with the rules called the Maharashtra Land Revenue Khate Pustika [Booklet} (Preparation, Issue and Maintenance) Rules,1971.

  1. The Talathi shall publish all notices or orders forwarded to him for such publication in the Chavdi in the manner prescribed.
  2. The Talathi shall publish all notices or orders forwarded to him by beat of drum as well, whenever called upon to do so.
  3. The Talathi shall carry out crop and tenancy and boundary and survey marks inspection by physical verification of each field on the spot in the presence of the villagers, the members of the village panchayat and the Sarpanch, if any, as may be present there. During the course of inspection, the Talathi shall verify that—
  1. the names of occupants, tenants, other right holders and other rights conform to actual possession;
  2. the sub-divisions are properly accounted for and for this purpose, a register of new hissas is maintained in the prescribed form;
  3. the prevention of Ribbon Development Rules have been properly followed;
  4. the conditions attached to the grants and leases and non-agricultural permissions are properly observed;
  5. the encroachments and unauthorised non-agricultural uses are detected and reported and for this purpose a register of encroachments is maintained in the prescribed form;.
  6. the register showing cases of discrepancy in the maps, the village atlas, and the Record of Rights is maintained correctly and up-to- date and conform to the actual state of things in the field;
  7. the crop statement is carefully compiled according to standing orders especially with reference to improved seeds, double crops, irrigated crops, crop mixtures and fallows;
  8. the boundary and survey marks are in good repair and if in disrepair they are noted in the remarks column in the Record of Rights,
  9. the sources of water supply are properly shown in the village maps in the crop statement and in the Village Form XI;
  10. the alluvion and diluvion cases are detected and suitably reported; and
  11. the auctionable items that bring in miscellaneous land revenue to Government are detected and reported.

If the Talathi finds that the person in actual possession of survey number or a sub-division of a survey number is other than the one who according to the entries in the record of rights is entitled to cultivate the land, he shall enter his name in the register of persons in possession other than the person deemed to be in possession according to the record of rights and forward the relevant extracts of the same to the Tahsildar for necessary action. .The form of this register is prescribed under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers (Preparation and Maintenance) Rules, 1971.
In case the villagers or the members of the village panchayat, present do not accompany, the

Talathi shall carry out the above duty without them.


  1. The Talathi shall note in the late fee register, names of all persons who neglect to send the intimation as required under section 149 or fail to furnish the information or produce the documents as required by section 151 of the Code within the prescribed period and put up the register for the orders of the Certifying Officer.
  2. The Talathi shall report to the Tahsildar transactions in contravention of the provisions of the relevant Tenancy Law, the Ceiling Law and the Bombay Prevention of Fragmentation and Consolidation of Holdings Act.
  3. The Talathi shall enter all fragments in the register of mutations and issue notices in the prescribed form under the Consolidation Act to the persons concerned, in addition to the notices to be issued and published in accordance with the rules relating to the maintenance of the record of rights.
  4. The Talathi shall maintain a register of heirship cases in the prescribed form and remember the provisions of the Hindu Succession Act and the four classes of heirs and the protection of Hindu Widows Rights Act and the laws concerning the Muslim community and others while making heirship entries.
  5. The Talathi shall dispose of missing link cases by recourse to the provisions in section 151 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code and obtain orders of superior Revenue or Survey Officers.
  6. The Talathi shall report to Circle Inspector and Tahsildar the occurrence of natural and other calamities such as flood, fire, frost, hailstorm, locust swarm, epidemic diseases of human being or cattle, failure of crops etc. in villages in his Saza.
  7. The Talathi shall report to the Collector of the appearance in any village of any insect, pest, etc., under the Bombay Agricultural Pests and Diseases Act, 1947.
  8. The Talathi shall prepare and maintain as and when required by the Collector, Cultivator Index Card in the form prescribed by Government for the purpose of monopoly procurement.
  9. As and when required by the Collector, the Talathi shall prepare index of ration cards in villages.
  10. The Talathi shall take as and when required by the Collector stock declaration from agriculturists.
  11. The Talathi shall ensure as and when required by the Collector that the landholders sell their grain under the monopoly purchase scheme according to Government orders.
  12. The Talathi shall issue as and when required by the Collector ration cards to villagers.
  13. The Talathi shall maintain as and when required by the Collector levy register and issue demand notices to Khatedars.
  14. The Talathi shall work as and when required by the Collector as Godown Keeper at monsoon centres of civil supplies in inaccessible areas.
  15. The Talathi shall report regarding solvency of sureties of Government Servants of all departments:
  16. The Talathi shall prepare voters’ list for general election and elections to Zilla Parishads and Village Panchayats.
  17. The Talathi shall assist Election Officers in election duties.
  18. The Talathi shall help Small Savings Officers in organising small savings programme in villages.
  19. The Talathi shall maintain registers of names of contributors to small savings in villages.
  20. The Talathi shall conduct sales of rural debentures.
  21. The Talathi shall assist the officers of the concerned departments in celebrating prohibition week, Harijan Saptah, Vanamahotsay etc.
  22. On receipt of intimation from gazetted officers or under intimations from Tahsildar in case of non-gazetted officers, Talathi shall attend on various Government officers of various Government departments and furnish them with any information required by them.
  23. The Talathi shall render necessary assistance to the Survey Officers during all survey operations.
  24. The Talathi shall reside in headquarters of his Saza or such other place as may be fixed by the Collector and shall not reside elsewhere.
  25. The Talathi shall maintain a diary, which he shall produce to superior Revenue and Survey Officers on demand for examination and remarks and! or instructions.
  26. The Talathi shall maintain a visit book and shall produce it before every visiting Revenue or Survey Officer for endorsements and remarks, if any.
  27. The Talathi shall grant copies of or extracts from the village records in his charge to the interested persons applying for it on payment of copying fees within 24 hours from the receipt of application and shall maintain an account of such fees recovered.
  28. The Talathi shall maintain accounts of Tagai and all other Government dues in the forms prescribed in this behalf.
  29. The Talathi shall check if Tagai loans are used for the purpose for which they are given and report to the Tahsildar any misuse that comes to his notice.
  30. The Talathi shall maintain a register of all Government property in his charge and shall produce it for examination and signature of an Inspecting Officer.
  31. The Talathi shall maintain service stamp register in the form prescribed.
  32. The Talathi shall perform all duties prescribed by any law or rules for the time being in force or the general or special orders of Government from time to time and any directions given by officers superior to


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