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Nature has its own creation which is sometimes so beautiful that it leaves the beholder speechless. Maharashtra State being one such creation of the almighty, the entire region is surrounded by dense forests, abounded with clear beautiful streams, cascading waterfalls, flower gardens with spectacular and stunning scenery all on the western side by the beautiful Arabian Sea.

The State is located in the north center of Peninsular India. The landscape of this State is dominated by a plateau. The western side of this plateau rises up to form the Sahyadri Range and it declines gently towards the east and southeast.

The Maharashtra state is one of the largest states in India. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the commercial & financial capital city of India. This port city (India's largest and busiest) accounts for a major share of the government's revenue, and has one of the world's largest harbour. India’s largest stock exchange is in Mumbai. Many multinationals & mega corporate head offices are located in Mumbai. Besides Mumbai there are number of other important cities like Pune, Nagpur and Nasik etc. Being economically important state there is rapid growth in industrial, commercial and residential development in the Maharashtra.  Any developmental activity is nearly impossible to conceive without taking land into consideration. Therefore Maharashtra’s land is in high demand. Purchasing and selling land or developing land is not an easy task. There are number of laws, rules, practices and procedures involved in the land transactions. Man-land relations have economic, socio-political and even religious implications. This relationship aggravates complication during the time of project implementation.

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The objective is to throw some light on the intricacies of the entire transaction which in many cases the person is unaware of. This not only includes guidance on property laws in layman’s language but also the intermediaries (real estate agents, building contractors etc) who play a major role during the transaction.

The mission is to bring together individuals, companies & professionals who are associated with the business of real estate and to help acquaint them further. This website therefore acts as a platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas.



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