Village Form VI

This form is also called register of mutation. Mutation means substitution of the names of a person in the Record of Right. This is a record of changes in the record of right. This is done by the Revenue Officers u/s 148 to 151 and 154 of M.L.R. Code 1966. Transfer may be by Will, Sale, Mortgage, Lease, Exchange, Gift or Inheritance. This is very useful record as one can find out history of land.

Any person acquiring any right of whatever nature (Will, Sale, Mortgage, Lease, Exchange, Gift or Inheritance) in respect of any land has to report to the Talathi either orally or in writing acquisition of such right. However it is not obligatory to the person to report to the Talathi if he has acquired right with the permission of collector or through registered document.  (Talathi is receiving copy of order through Tahasildar.) On intimation from person, Talathi has to give a written acknowledgement and simultaneously he has to write details of nature of right in register of mutation.

Whenever a Talathi makes an entry in the register of muta­tions, he has to;

  1. post up a complete copy of the entry in a conspicuous place in the Chavdi,
  2. give   written intima­tion to all persons whose names are appeared in the record of rights or register of mutations.
  3. send written intima­tion to the other persons, if he has reasoned to believe that other person’s interest is also involved in concern entry.
  4. put his signature and date below the mutation so made,
  5. below his signature, write legibly his full name in bracket and also his designation. (Talathi Saza)
  6. enter in Village Form VII in the proper place in pencil the number of mutation entry with the remarks that the mutation entry has not been duly certified.
  7. rub out the pencil entry so made, if the mutation is cancelled.
  8. After the mutation is certified the Talathi has to record it in Village Form VII and correct the entries in Village Form VIII-A, wherever necessary. Also if the persons, whose rights are adversely affected, have admitted the mutation, the fact should be noted in column before putting his signature.
  9. If the mutation is undisputed, and the entry has been made strictly in accordance with the above and if the permissible period has elapsed after the last date of publication of the notice in the Chavdi or intimation of mutation to the persons interested, the Circle Inspector himself has to certify the mutation.

The Circle Inspector has to check the mutation so made and satisfy himself that the mutation has been correctly made before putting his signature and date, name and designation.

The Circle Inspector should before certifying the mutation, satisfy himself that the heir-ship cases, late fee cases, disputed cases and new Hissas are correctly and properly entered in the prescribed registers

The Circle Inspector has to see that proper entries are made in Village Form VIII-A, whenever necessary. 

The register of mutation should provide the below mentioned information to the public.

  1. Serial number of the mutation,
  2. Date of mutation,
  3. Date of receipt of intimation of the mutation,
  4. Nature of the right (Will, Sale, Mortgage, Lease, Exchange, Gift, Development [right] or Inheritance)
  5. The names of the parties to the transaction,
  6. The date of transaction,
  7. The consideration i.e. amount involved,
  8. The area if the transaction relates to a part of a survey number or a sub-division of survey number together with the proportionate assessment agreed upon to be paid,
  9. The serial number of registration, if the transaction is a registered one, and
  10. The Collector’s/Tahasildar’s order number with date.
  11. Khata number to which the mutation relates if it results in the correction Village Form VIII-A;
  12. Date of publication of complete copy of the mutation in a conspicuous place in the Chavdi under section 150(2) of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, and,
  13. Date of intimation given to the persons interested under section 150(2) of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code.
  14. The total survey number or sub-division of survey numbers affected,