Maps and land records open to inspection, etc.

Subject to such rules and the payment of such fees as the State Government may from time to time prescribe in this behalf, all maps and land records shall, subject to such restrictions as may be imposed, be imposed, be open to the inspection of the public at reasonable hours and certified extracts from the same or certified copies thereof shall be given to all persons applying for the same.



1.       Short title: - These rules may be called the MaharashtraLand revenue (Inspection, Search and Supply of Copies of land Records) Rules, 1970.

2.       Inspection of records: - All documents, plans, maps, registers, accounts and records including land records, (hereinafter referred to as “records”) the right of inspection of which is provided for in Sections 239 and 327 of the Code, shall with the permission of the officer-in-charge of the same, be open to inspection in his office during the usual officer hours every day, except Sunday and public holidays; on payment of fees hereinafter prescribed.

3.       Application for inspection:-


1)   Any person desiring to inspect any records shall, himself or through his recognized agent, make an application for such inspection to the officer-in-charge of such records stating therein the particulars about the records, and the purpose for which the inspection is sought.

2)  On receipt of an application under sub-rule (1), the officer-in-charge of the records shall grant the permission, unless the application is rejected under sub-rule (3).

3)   If the officer-in-charge of the records (not being a Talathi) considers that the records, of which inspection is sought, are of a confidential nature or that the inspection would be prejudicial to public interest, he may record an order rejecting the application for inspection. And where a Talathi is in charge of such records, he shall refer the application for the orders of the Tahsildar.


4.       Fees for inspection: - The fees for inspection of records shall be pre-paid in cash in accordance with the rate as provided in the Schedule hereto.(Schedule May Change From Time To Time)

5.       Inspection to be made under directions of Officer: - The inspection shall be made at such time, in such place and in the presence of such official as the officer-in-charge of the records, may direct.

6.       Inspection how to be made: - (1) No person who is permitted to inspect the records under these rules shall during such inspection use pen and ink or make any marks or alterations on the records inspected or extract any papers therefrom. He shall return the record so inspected in their original condition when the inspection is over. He may, during the inspection, himself or through his recognized agent, make in pencil a copy of the records or any portion thereof, inspection of which is permitted; but a copy so made shall be certified by any officer.

(2) Any person infringing this rule shall be deprived of the right of inspection for such period as the officer-in-charge of the records may direct, and in addition, be punishable with such fine not exceeding two hundred rupees as the Collector may, after giving such person an opportunity to be heard, deem fit to impose.


7.       Fees for search when to be charged:- When an application is made for inspection Or copy of any records and such application does not distinction describe the number, date and nature of the record required, or if the description given in such application is incorrect, and it shall, in consequence, be necessary for the officer-in-charge of the record to search his records in order to find the required records, a fee at the rate provided in the Schedule hereto shall be payable in cash by the applicant in advance for such search whether the inspection or copy for which he applies, on examination of the said record by the said officer, be granted or not.]

8.       Supply of certified copies:- certified extract or copies of record may be obtained with the permission of the officer-in-charge of the records, on payment of fees and additional for scaled off  perimeter measurement, hereinafter prescribed: provided that, no copy shall be granted of any record which has been printed or lithographed and published under the authority of the State Government and is on sale.]

9.       Application of copies:- (1) Any person desiring to have copy of ant record shall himself or through his recognized agent, make an application to the officer in charge of the record stating therein the particulars of the records and purpose for which copy thereof is required.

(2) On the receipt of application under sub rule (1) the officer in-charge of the record may grant the request, unless it is rejected under sub-rule (3).

(3) If the officer in charge of the record (not being Talathi) considers that the record of which a copy is applied for, is of a confidential nature, or that the supply of the copy would be prejudicial to the public interest, he may record an order rejecting the application. Where Talathi is in-charge of such record, he shall refer the application for the order of Tahasildar.

10.   Supply of true copies of certified copies:- Subject to the provision of rules 8 and 9 every officer-in -charge of certified copy of any records shall on an application made to him by any person prepare and give to him a true  copy of such certified copy of the record under his own signature on payment of the fees hereinafter prescribed. On every such copy it shall be clearly stated by such officer that it is true copy of the certified copy of the record.

11.   Receipt to be endorsed on copy:- On every certified copy or extracts granted under these rules there shall be endorsed by the officer who receives the fees for the same, a receipt in the following form:-

            Received fee for this certified copy, dated....


12.   Fees for copies:- ( Fees may change from time to time)