At the death of the owner of property, the successor may take possession of property as heir. The term inheritance refers to devolution of property on an heir or heirs upon the death of its owner. In civil law jurisdictions it is called succession.

Interstate Succession and Testamentary Succession

If person dies without executing any valid will that person is consider to have died interstate. The property of person who dies interstate is passed on to his legal heirs. The process of passing property of person who dies interstate is termed as interstate succession. In the Maharashtra land revenue department is maintaining registered of legal heirs under village form VI-C

If a person executes a valid will as to whom the property should go on his death and if accordingly his property is passed on. The process is termed as testamentary succession.

The acquisition of property by inheritance is regulated by personal law of deceased person. The personal laws of Indian citizens are as follows:

1.       Hindu Sucession Act, 1956

2.       Mohammadan Law

3.       Indian Sucession Act,1956