Gunthewari Development

Land was previously measured in Acres, Gunthas, yards and feet. After adoption of decimal system, officially we are measuring land in Hectares, Ares and Meters. Our land records are also converted into decimal system during the period 1955 to 1962. However while describing land we still use words like acres, gunthas and feet.

It is common practice to create small plots of agricultural land in multiple of gunthas and sell it to needy person for construction of house. In this case seller is violating conditions mentioned in section 8 of The Bombay Prevention of the Fragmentation and Consolidation of Holdings Act, 1947 and also as per section 63 of tenancy act; sell of agricultural land to non farmer is not possible without permission of the Collector.

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Creating such small plots and constructing house on them is non agricultural activity on agricultural land. So person intends to do above activity is require to convert agricultural land for non agricultural purpose. Collector is empowered to grant such permission. Where such permission is not obtained, Grampanchyat cannot grant building permission. Since these subdivisions are usually in multiples of a guntha, such developments are sometimes referred to as Gunthewari developments.

After reading above paragraphs reader can come to conclusion that, Gunthewari developments are unlawful. Buyer should note that Government is taking steps for curbing further unauthorized developments.